Saturday, July 18, 2009


If you only knew how long this card took me to make, and then to have it photograph so poorly is REALLY making me mad!! I have to admit, my mojo is on hold right now, because my mind is on more important, less pleasant things. If you are interested, I will post about that AFTER the details on my card from you know where!!
I made this card, for two hours...grrr, for today's Inspiration challenge and yesterday's Cupcake Sketch. I started by stamping my flowers from Eastern Blooms twice with Bermuda Bay, and once with Certainly Celery. I then cut them out and added buttons from the SU Sherbet Collection. I tied some hemp twine through them, cause Jody says you aren't allowed to have nekkid buttons, lol! I did a bunch of piercing, and added some silver brads from SU to the DP panel(Thoroughly Modern from SU), and the main panel. The ribbons are both SU as well. I stamped my sentiment with Bermuda Bay, and punched it out with my SU Oval punches.

Still here? Okay, I am having oral surgery on Monday, and although everyone tells me it isn't a big deal, it is to me. I am TERRIFIED. I have had a lifelong fear of dentists, and I am being put to sleep for my surgery, so I am just FREAKING out. I will be on a soft food/liquid diet for a few days to a week, which will be wonderful for my diet if I do it right, but hard at the same time. I am excited, however, at the thought of being able to eat without has been awhile, and I am ready for that to be over with. Take it from me, if you feel a problem starting, get it taken care of before it gets too bad. I let my wisdom teeth come all the way in, and they have caused MAJOR issues in my mouth. I knew the whole time that I needed to see a dentist, but my fear held me back. Now, 5 years later, I am having to have a major procedure done where they will have to put me to sleep. To say I am scared to death would be an understatement.
Well, that is it for me now! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. Best of luck with your oral surgery. I had surgery to have my wisdon teeth taken out about 11 years ago. Two were partially in at the time. I won't say it was fun but it wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

  2. YIKES! I had mine surgically removed when I was 16. The surgery itself isn't so bad, but afterwards the swelling is a pain. Think about it this way: at least you'll get some really good pain meds! LOL! :) Hang in there, girl!

    Oh yeah...the card is gorgeous!


    I'll say a special prayer for you!!! You'll be fine in no time!!! I had my wisdom teeth removed....and it was not as bad as I had imagined!!! Needless to say I was scared to death too!!! Make sure you have ice-packs ready to go!!! Hang in there!!!

    Big hugs

  4. Your card is fantastic!! I just love the colors!! Your layout is perfect.
    I was put out 3 different times for my wisdom teeth! Vicodin and ice, and you'll be good to go!!

  5. hugs hugs, i hate dentists tooo!!! take care and let yourself be pampered!

    the card is fabulous!

  6. First of all, girl you are going to be just fine! Getting knocked out to have your wisdom teeth out, truly is the best way...wish I'd done
    I still have TWO wisdom in...on below the gumline...someday I'll get it taken care of too...but I'm scared too...haha!

    Your card is beautiful!

  7. your card is are all your creations....

    and...I totally understand how you are feeling.....I feel that way about dentists and my retina I'll think of you and pray for a speedy recovery for your teeth and at the end of the month you can do the same for me as I have another injection into my eyeball.....yuck to both!!!

  8. I just love this card and welcome to my two hours (or more) to make a card!!

    Like I said before, I'm no comfort to you because I hate the dentist, too!! I will be thinking of you and hoping for it all to go well! {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Jessie, what a beautiful card! I
    love your style and greatly admire
    your talent! As for the oral
    surgery, take heart. I had my two
    lower wisdom teeth pulled many
    years ago. The surgeon told me
    that I had little hooks on the
    roots and wanted me to come back
    and be put out to have them taken
    out. I told him that I was in his
    office, primed and wanted him to
    extract them then and there. He
    did...with very little trouble.
    The only unnerving part was the
    noise of prying the teeth apart.
    I had some pain and swelling and
    bruising afterward, but Advil to
    the rescue. In several days I was
    back to normal (whatever that is!)
    Good luck. I'm sure you'll be
    fine. Sherry G.

  10. I wish you a speedy recovery - just keep in mind how much better you will feel next week at this time!!
    Beautiful card!

  11. Jessie, your card looks wonderful! It's perfect for the challenge. I love it!

    I hope and pray your surgery is not as bad as you fear and that you will recover in no time at all!

    Big cyber hugs

  12. Jessie, I am recovering as I write this to you from having all my upper teeth removed and a mouth full of stitches, being put to sleep for it is the best way to go, it's all over when you wake up...keep applying the ice packs as you will be told to and take your pain meds as required as long as you keep the pain in tack you'll be's worth it believe me my fear of the dentist has led me to false teeth but hey now I never have to get a needle or go to the dentist again LOL stock up on your fav pudding flavors and frozen yogurt, let your family pamper you too for a bit...good luck

  13. Jessie, this card is amazing!!! I LOVE everything about it, seriously. If it took you two hours to make, it would definitely take me "at least" FOUR hours. Love the colors that you chose too!

    Good luck with your surgery, there are many people that are terrified of going to the dentist, so you are not alone. I'll be thinking about you.

  14. Jessie.. your card is absolutely beautiful and such inspiration.
    I recently had major oral surgery and was put out.. it's a blessing and I promise you that you won't remember anything from the procedure... just keep the meds nearby for the aftermath!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous card, Jessie! So sorry you are going through this stressful stuff. I've had many, many dental procedures and have survived them all. LOL! Will keep you in my prayers for peace and comfort and successful surgery!

  16. Best of luck with your dental procedure, bummer!
    --Love your card so pretty with all the gorgeous

  17. wow! no matter how long it took or how badly YOU think it photographed - I think it ROCKS! the layout, the colors, ribbon EVERYTHING!

  18. You have my sincere thoughts and prayers Jessie! If it's any consolation I'm terrified of dentists as well. Good luck with the surgery!!!

  19. Oh geesh Jess! Good luck on Monday. I feel for you because I hate dentists too.....sorry if there are any dentists reading this......But your card is still gorgeous!!

  20. I totally understand you as I have the same fear of dentists. As I was reading your post, I was like that is exactly how I feel. But it is good to have them out. Take care and will be sending prayers your way. It will be fine..I can say that because I am a survivor of wisdom tooth surgery. Lol...

    Your card is ab fab. Loved it.


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