Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday's Featured Stamper

Today's featured stamper over on SCS is Mary, aka Petal Pusher. She has a super fun gallery. I loved all of her cards, but I loved this one the most. It is so simple(took me five minutes to make this card from first cut!!) and so cute!! I stamped the chick from the Gina K. set Just So Hoppy designed by the wonderfully talented Melanie Muenchinger. I colored it with my Barely Banana and Apricot Appeal markers. The paper is all from the prints pack, which is a Stampin'Up first level hostess set. I started with Apricot Appeal, then Bashful Blue& Whisper White. Three white brads in the bottom corner and a bashful blue striped ribbon tag and done!! I am so happy to get to stamp, I had a long day. I kept my nieces this weekend(since Thursday), if you didn't already know, and I have to say, I am EXHAUSTED!! I do want to tell a story about this weekend though so here goes. I took my two youngest nieces, who I kept from Thursday to Saturday, to McD's to play on Friday. We were there forever because I got sidetracked by another lady that was there who gets to talk to other adults about as much as I do(that's the polite way to say she talked A LOT!!). We had to have been there for over two hours, and they were exhausted. I needed to go to the store, so we loaded up, drove across the street and got out of the truck to go into the store. My niece Madison, who just turned 4, told me she had a headache(apparently code for something completely different but I will know next time). So, while we were in the store, we ran through the medicine aisle and got a bottle of Children's Motrin(my god that stuff is expensive). The three of us walked up to the checkout and there were two registers going, each with at least 4 people in line. So, we got in line, and then I heard her make a funny noise. I looked down, her eyes got big, she covered her mouth, and I asked her what was wrong. She uncovered her mouth long enough to spew her lunch all over the floor!! At first, I stood there dumbfounded, then she started crying. I was trying to console her, all the while thinking, how the heck am I going to clean this up. I looked around for help, and no one would look at me. I asked the girls at the register if they had any paper towels, nothing. I then had to leave my two nieces, my arm full of goodies, a pile of yuck, and run to the paper goods aisle, take a roll of paper towels off the shelf and then run back. I cleaned up the mess, scooped up my niece, payed for my stuff, including the paper towels, and left. So why am I telling you all this you wonder, well here is why. The next time you see someone in my situation, or one very similar, try not to look away. 8 people in line, two check out girls, who knows how many workers, and no one could help me. That is just sad. To think I had to leave a screaming, sick kid by herself to go get paper towels, while every one just watched made me ashamed to even be a part of my community. Where have all the nice, kind, considerate people gone. I can remember working at a convenience store and having to help people out, but I was glad to do it. If I had been a bystander, I would have never let the mother(or Aunt in my case) go get the paper towels or whatever, I would have got them for them. Please ladies(and gentlemen), tell me I'm not alone. I know you all probably don't want to hear all of this, but hopefully someone will read this, and decide not to look the other way. Thanks for looking, and reading , and for all of your support. Have a great day and be kind to one another!!
stamps-Just So Hoppy
paper- Apricot Appeal, Bashful Blue, Whisper White and prints pack
ink-Black stazon
tools- white brads, blue striped ribbon, SU markers


  1. I can't believe what I read!...
    In nowdays and age are people THAT callous?
    I feel really bad this had to hapen and also very sad about your young nieces too...they must have been scared to death seeing U trying to do the right thing without any help from all those people on line!
    I also think the cashier person is to blame for not doing anything (I believe that if U are NOT part of the solution,then U are part of her problem...and she was just that!)...I believe it's part of HER job to help customers in need,especially in 'emergency' situation. She could have summoned help hersel via PA system or she could have excused herself and got U the paper towel herself.In any case U should have not be put in a situation to leave your nieces time SCREAM....U'll get the attention!:)
    PS: I would talk to the manager and explain what U (and the little ones)went through, to ensure nothing like that ever happens again.
    I'm so sorry U had to go through that!....I hope Madison feels alright though...
    *hugs and smiles*


    PS: I loveeee the feature that lets me know via mail when U post new stuff in your blog!yeahhhh

  2. Awww Jessie.........yes, I have been there and it amazed me how many people will not help!! I always try to help when someone needs it......and I don't offer to hold the little ones in these days of "stranger danger" as I don't want to confuse them. I just offer to help in whatever way I can and I most definitely TEACH my children to help out!! I'm so sorry you had such an exhausting, physically and mentally, day!! Lots of hugs!!!

    Now......on to that A-DORable card!!! 5 minutes??? I am going to throw my guillotine cutter OUT THE WINDOW!!! It takes me forever to cut just so I get a straight line!!! Sheeeeesh!! You are soooooo talented young lady!! This is just precious and a fantastic CASE!!!!

    Now.......get some very well-deserved rest!!! Hugs!!!!

  3. Oh hon, so sorry you had to go through this and I'm sorry to say that I've seen this happen way to many times to others. I can't stomach to hear stuff like this because I could never think to do nothing.

    Just last week, while my nephew Gaven and I were waiting for our take out order, this poor mom with her two little ones dropped her lunch all over her and her kids. Mind you, it's lunch time in good 'ol Silicon Valley where everyone is either on the phone or on their PDAs and very crowded, she must have had about 10 people around her, but no one moved. I, unlike the idiots you've encountered and the ones around us, made my way pass them to the mom and handed her some napkins and tried to calm the kids as much as possible while she put herself together. Gaven even shared one of his toys with the kids and that seemed to help. I'm not sure if if it's because they saw me trying to help or what, but others soon followed.

    So, I guess what I'm trying to say, is that there are still some good people out there, they just some times need a little push in the right direction or someone to model the proper behavior.

    Hugs friend and hope you get some well deserved rest!

    BTW - the card is adorable, beautiful color combo!

  4. First of all - LOVE YOUR CARD! It is absolutely adorable!
    Second - OMG! I feel for you! I CANNOT BELIEVE no one would help you. It is (or should be) instinct to help another person out. ESPECIALLY helping a mom/aunt in a situation like that. Chivalry is dead I tell you. I can't believe you had to pay for the paper towels then too. Thats just a slap in the face! So was your niece ok after that? McD's can do a number on your digestive system..thats for sure! LOL

  5. My DD did this one time in a restaurant. Fortunately the staff was helpful. I'm with the person who commented as anonymous/Paola.
    I would make sure the manager knew what happened. Sometimes I think people (especially teenagers at a part time job) aren't taught how to handle situations like this. Someday it will happen to them and my guess is they will wish for help.

    As for your card - too cute! I love it!

  6. First, I like the little chick card-so cute.

    Second, I thought most places had people hired to do cleanup like that. Totally sad, but I think a statement of our society now. Can't imagine people not trying to help!

    Hope your niece is fine now. You are a good aunt!!

    Bev J.

  7. I have four toddlers and I am used to people looking away when you need help and staring when you wish they would look away. So sad!

  8. This card is adorable and i am so delighted that i have all the supplies to make it!

    That story is pathetic. I feel so bad for you and your niece (who had to find out the hard way that people can be so mean!)
    Sorry you had that awful experience. Makes me ashamed to be a human being!

  9. Firstly your card is adorable! Wonderufl colours and such a sweet little chickie!

    Your story is a sad commentary of our society. The "I don't want to get involved...I'm too busy, too important, too selfish to help. Oddly enough many of these same people often feel righteous and justified because they donate huge sums to charity, but can't lift a finger to help someone in need.

    Jessie, I am so sorry you had to go through this ordeal. While it's an awful story, it is good cause for reflection. I want to be sure I'm ready, willing and attentive enough to help out someone in that situation. I want to set the right example for my kids, and be the one to take action rather than the on looker.

    Bless you!

  10. I'm so very sorry that you found yourself in that situation. Trust me, had I been in the line near you, I would have helped you. It's terrible that even the store employees didn't assit you!


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