Monday, February 25, 2008


I knew that would get your attention!!!!LOL On February 28th it will be my one month anniversary in the blogging world. I want to thank everyone who visits me and leaves me such super sweet comments. I have put together a rather eclectic blog package for you all!! You have to understand one thing to start, I am not affiliated with any stamp companies(except SU), so everything that I give away, I have bought myself. I don't live anywhere near any stamp stores, so everytime I go, I buy things that are on sale, or that I like, to give away as gifts. You can ask any of my lucky elf package receivers from this past Christmas, I go a little overboard. Well anyway, I have raided my stash of give away goodies and come up with a package that I think you all will love!!! In case you can't see it all it includes:
1 package Silver Rain Dots
1 package foof-a-la epoxy brads
3 bottles of stickles-copper, magenta and candy cane
1 package Rusty Pickle chipboard letters
2 rubber stamps from Rubbernecker(yes I know, one of them was the treasure hunt prize, so it was free, but it is not my style, so I went ahead and got it just for you!!)
1package pearl brads from sei
1 package flower brads from creative IMAGINATIONS
1 package ribbon labels from Making Memories
1 assorted package of the SU In Colors
a ton of fibers and a ton of American Crafts ribbon
Black and green hemp twine

I think I went overboard, but I love to give!!! It makes me happier then you will ever know!! So, wanna know what you have to do to get this. Just leave a comment that includes the following things 1. your favorite movie or tv show, 2. your favorite stamp or stamp set and 3. how you found my blog. Weird requirements I know, but I couldn't decide on one, so I decided to do three!! This contest will run until midnight central time on the Thursday the 28th. My niece Madison will be here, so I will let her pick the winner out of a hat, she will love that!! Thanks again for supporting me in my blogging adventure!! You all rock!!
added on 2/26- BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN YOUR COMMENT!!!! I have recieved several comments that are annonymous, I want to be able to get your goodies to you, so atleast a first name and last initial will help!! Thanks!!


  1. Hi, What great blog candy. If you do this every will be out of stuffl. :) I found you through Lee's blog and thought I would check you out....your cards are amazing. Jennie

  2. Wow! What an amazing assortment! I would love a chance at winning! Congrats on the one month!

  3. You have given me an idea. My first month of having a blog will be around the beginning of March...I will have to talk it over with my stampin partner.
    I found you through the TLC157 today.

  4. I'm not sure how I found your blog. I have you on my reader and once I click, "add" I forget where it came from! My favorite TV show is "CSI". And favorite stamps...oh many. Right this very minute, I am liking "doodle this" and "doodle that".

  5. How amazing and fun!!!! Hmmmm........I think my favorite stamps are my House Mousies! My favorite movie is Hello Dolly!! AND......I found your blog thru Linsey's!!! And it's an amazing and fun blog! CONGRATS!!

  6. I just subscribed to your blog feed on Sunday. Perfect timing! I love the movie Sweet Home Alabama. My favorite stamp is justjohanna lacy border. I can used that puppy on anything. I found your blog by clicking on your signature in SCS. I sure am glad I did. I love your cards. I spent a lot of time here Sunday looking at all your old posts. Mmmm. Yummy.

  7. Hi Jessie, I found your blog from your post on SCS where I really enjoy all the wonderful cards you post.

    One of my fav movies is Sabrina with Harrison Ford.

    I love the bg stamp Linen, which I do not own, but love how it looks on cards.

    Neat blog-and thanks.

    Bev James (Maxell on SCS)

  8. Sweeeeeet! This is some amazing stuff and it is so nice of you to give it away!! My favorite t.v. show at the moment is Project Runway and my favorite stamp set would have to be one of the witty Hambo Stamps ~ perhaps "Give Peas a Chance"? I learned of your blog because I was leaving a comment on one of your gorgeous cards and I clicked on your link. I am celebrating my one month blogversary soon, too!

  9. Jessie,
    this is too funny. I found you on SCS and wanted to see what was on your Blog and looooooove it. My favorite TV show is CSI and my favorite stamp set, well, I have more than one, but right now it is SU Embrace Life. I guess I answered all three questions, right?

  10. Okay, - I noticed on SCS - TPBM to register for your blog candy. My favorite stamp set - I don't really know, I guess all of them. My favorite TV show right now is Survivor. Congratulations on the one month!

  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a blog to share with us and for the chance to win some rockin' blog candy! I love how it looks so "Eastery"! hehe!

    My favorite TV show is The First 48, my favorite stamp....oh my goodness! What a toughy! I currently love Pretty Amazing and Always....but I know I will change my mind on that subject in a few weeks. I am fickle! I found your blog through SCS, while checking out your awesome Easter creations!

    Thanks again, Kelly

  12. Fave movie: Grease (i think anyway, i have so many that i love!)
    Fave stamp set: Time Well Spent, for now!
    Found your blog from your challenge cards ~ love your stuff!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  13. Awesome candy!!! My favorite set is heartfelt thanks. My favorite show is Big Brother. I am not sure how I found your blog.... probably from another blog!

  14. Wonderful blog candy! My favorite movie is "Heart and Souls", I love the new Merci stamp set and I found your blog from a post on SCS. I always love your cards and you leave such wonderful comments for me on my cards which I greatly appreciate! Have a great day!

  15. Hi I just had to check out your blog after the beautiful card you did for the colour challenge today. It was fabulous. I had to put it my favs.
    Great blog too and blog candy to go with it wow what a haul.
    Congratualtions on your one month anniversary.


  16. Hello. I found you thru TLC157 on SCS today. My favorite TV show is Survivor and Movie is The Sound of Music. I guess that ages me doesn't it. My favorite stamp set is all of them but right now it is Time Well Spent SU. Congratulations of your one month celebration.

  17. I just found your blog via SCS. I really liked the card you made. My favorite TV program is West Wing, and my favorite stamp(s) are the Lockhart angels. Off to explore your blog. . .

  18. Wow, great blog candy!
    So.. my favorite TV show is Men in Trees, my favorite stamp set... is too hard to choose, and I got here by a link in your signature on SCS... although I've been following your blog on a feed for a couple weeks now. :)


  19. goes!!!
    My favorite TV show is Miami Ink, my favorite stamp set (right now) is Pun Fun and I found your blog because you are my bud and you told me you were starting one!!!
    What fabu blog candy Jess!!!

  20. Hello and welcome to the blog world! I found you by following a link from Me, Myself & I's blog.
    My favorite show would be House and favorite current stamps love all flowers and nature so too hard to pick just one set.

    Your quite a talented stamper. Now I am headed over to the subscribe button.


  21. Well I just found your blog, I was looking at your sympathy card at scs. I love your card by the way. Happy Harmony is one of my favorite stamp sets. My favorite movie is Pretty Woman. Congrats. on your 1 year Anni!

  22. WOW-WEE - what blog candy! I am new to your site and love it. You are very creative and your cards are just beautiful. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win all those goodies!!!

  23. Wowsers! What a generous prize! My favrotire tv show is Corner Gas (it's Canadian), I love the SU Super Squirrel Set, I use it just about every time I set out to make some cards! And I found you through google blog search looking for scrappy crafty blogs!

  24. Wow, you have some amazing stuff to give away here!
    1. Favorite movie - not sure I have one, but I really like Shawshank Redemption, The Power of One, Gladiator and on the lighter side, Pretty Woman.
    2. Favorite set - anything flowers so Embrace Life wins right now.
    3. How I found your blog - by seeing your amazing creations on SCS and clicking on your blog link.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Enjoy reading your blog.

  25. These are hard questions! Favorite tv show? Days of our Lives. Favorite stamp set right now Embrace Life. I found you on SCS where I just loved looking at your cards.

  26. WOW! Very generous Blog Candy! I found you thru SCS - your work is great! I have several TV programs that I watch faithfully... Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI. My favorite stamp set right now is Embrace Life... my fav always changes with the cattys!

  27. Oh fun!! Thank you for sharing such great blog candy. How can I say NO to such a treat?
    Okay, my answers to your questions:
    1.- My favorite TV show is American Idol (I live in Canada LOL!)
    2.- I don't have ONE favorite stamp set. I am kind of a Stampin Upaholic, love flowers and flourishes and swirls.
    3.- I found you through your card for the Color Challenge Black, white and river rock. Very nice card!!
    Now I'm not sure if I answered these in the right order.
    Happy 1month blogging! Keep it up! I'll be back.

  28. Congrats on your first month of blogging. Your nieces are adorable! And the blog candy is awesome, too! There sure is some neat stuff in that assortment. ~Cindy E. (aka Cards4Ever at SCS)

  29. OMG that is a lot of stuff and I soooooooooo want that ribbon and stickles!!!!!
    lets see my fav TV show is Greys I know we all love it and would really love for it to come back already!!!!!!!!!!

    my fav stamp set (this month) is kind thoughts!!! and I found your blog through a comment you had left me at SCS!!!!!! (great blog by the way!!!!)

  30. Well congrats on that first month! Happy monthaversary! LOL! You sure are outdoing yourself. But I'm like you, I like to give plenty! It is so much "funner" give! answer your "requirements" if I HAVE to! LOL! Here goes!

    1. My favorite TV show is most def CSI (Las Vegas)!!!

    2. My favorite stamp set of ALL TIME has to be Roses In Winter!!!

    3. How I found your blog? Thru SCS a while back and I now have you on my blog roll! :D

    Now off to start thinking of my blog candy coming up for my 10,000 hits!!!

  31. OMG! I cannot BELIEVE you have only been blogging for one freaking month! HOLY CROW quick draw! :)

    1) Ok, my favorite movie is Officer & a Gentleman (but I haven't watched it in years....)
    2)My favorite stamp set is ... this is difficult...I guess I have to say Happy Harmony by SU since I use it over & over!
    3)I found your blog because you left me such a nice comment in my gallery...or on my blog....I can't remember!
    You are such a sweetheart! Congrats on 1 month!

  32. Hi...I love prizes and yours looks great. My favorite show is World Poker Tournament. Weird but true. I found your blog through the SC Challenge. My favorite stamp set is SU Natural Beauty (that little bird just makes me smile every time). Congratulations on your one month of blogging. I don't have a blog and am amazed at everyone who does. Donna V.

  33. I can vouch for Jessie's generosity! I was her elf, and she sent me a thank you package with more than I sent her..what a sweetie! Congrats on the being able to view all your works of art and here your stories!

    My favorite movie is Gladiator (any movie where Russell Crowe is scantily clad will do tho!)
    My favorite stamps: Fabulous Flowers (SU)
    I found your blog through you girl!

  34. This is amazing stuff and it is so generous of you to give it away!! I found you through SCS and you have been on my blog reader since then. My favorite movie is Officer & a Gentleman or Pretty Woman (I'm a hopeless romantic and Richard Gere is yummy eye candy). My favorite tv show is csi (any location), and my favorite stamp set right now is Fabulous Flowers (can change as soon as I go back to browse on SCS). Congrats on your anniversary.

  35. Love your blog and all your beautiful creation! Congrats on your blogiversary. Here are my answers to your candy questions:

    Favorite TV Show: Greys Anatomy -- love it!

    Favorite Stamp: This changes like Utah weather, but right now it is SU Embrace Life.

    How I found your blog: Splitcoast Stampers.

    Thanks for offering the great candy!

  36. OMG - love all the goodies - I'll play!!!

    1.Fav Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
    2.Fav Stamp: So Much, Boho Backgrounds, Baroque Motifs....
    3.Your Blog: I found it via SCS. I think I saw one of your gorgeous creations and kept coming back - I really enjoy blog!!!

    Thanks for treating us and keep all those beautiful cards coming!!!

  37. Good grief - and then I forgot the list of requirments -

    1) my favorite TV show is House Hunters

    2) my favorite stamp set is MFT's Baby It's Cold Outside

    3) I found you when you first started! Via SCS!

    Hugs & Stamps!

  38. Wow great blog candy. Congrats on one month.
    1. My favorite Show is NCIS
    2. difficult to pick one set
    3. Found your blog while
    reading your comment on Mel's

    Jean S.

  39. Hello! My name is Julie A., and to answer your questions:
    1) Favorite TV show is Amazing Race
    2) Favorite and most used stamp set that I have is Announcements by Stampin Up
    3) I found your blog through a link on the "Stampin When I Can" blog (I have been surfing the net quite a bit lately looking for inspiration for cards and other stamping projects)
    Your cards are adorable! I have bookmarked your site and will definitely visit it again soon.

  40. Thank you for being so generous with your blog candy. I have visited your site before and had it listed in my favs and I check back about once a week. My favorite TV show is Boston Legal. My favorite stamp set is Always from SU. Have a great week. Darlene L

  41. Amazing Blog Candy Jessie! Woo hoo! Okay so here it is:

    1. Favorite Movie - eek, this is a tough one. If I had to choose it would be the Godfather with Princess Bride right behind it.

    2. Favorite stamp or stamp set - Not sure if this is going to be a correct answer, but any cupcake theme

    3. Found your blog on your SCS siggy!

  42. Jessie, wow, am I impressed! One month blogging! And then I read about your DH who lets you stay home! Does he a brother by chance.

    I noticed your blog while reviewing your gallery; plus I see this everytime you leave comments on my SCS gallery.Admittedly, it was the 'blog candy'that captured my attention. Since I love candy, I you had me hooked.

    Favorite TV program; HGTV's house hunter; I found you through your gallery comments on my cards. Right now, my favorite SU stamp set is 'if the halo fits'.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for all those wonderful give-aways. Keep up the great job w/your new blog: it's wonderful.

    Anne Ryan

  43. That is way too much stuff for a candy!
    I love watching much as I hate his grumpiness, I love..make sense?
    I am in love with PTI, Inque boutique right loyalties keep changing, and thank Allison for helping me find your blog!!


  44. Hi there! Love the picture of your
    nieces,they are so adorable!!
    My favorite movie is Pretty Woman,
    My favorite stamps right now are various ones from High Hopes and I found your blog in the candy column through Allison. Thanks for the chance at your generous candy!

  45. WOW ~ what FABULOUS candy!
    Ok: 1. Don't watch much TV actually, I really like The Devil Wears Prada 2. Boho backgrounds and One of a Kind, love how well they go together, especially with Berry Bliss and the Boho Punch 3. from Allison's blog!

  46. Wow! What a great candy! Favorite TV show: House. Favorite stamp or stamp set: Embrace Life (Stampin Up!). How I found your blog: SCS! Thanks for the chance!

  47. #1 - CSI
    #2 - So many scallops (at the moment)
    #3 - Friend told me about it

    Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

  48. Hi, great blog candy! I found your blog through SCS. My favorite TV show, right now, is celebrity apprentice. My favorite stamps, again right this minute, and TK stamps from Cornish Heritage!

    Thanks for the chance!

  49. Oh my goodness girl! That is an awesome package of blog candy. Wooo hoooo. Congrats on your blogging achievement and on the success of your card yesterday. It is an awesome one indeed! Keep it up, you're doing great!

  50. Hi - Thanks for the chance at some great candy.

    Let's see:

    Favorite Movie : Gone with the Wind
    Favorite TV: Amazing Race
    Favorite Set: Voila - there's so much you can do with this set and acessories. Its on its way to me via UPS as I type
    Your blog was shared by a friend.

    Diane S

  51. The blog candy looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Favorite tv show is Lost, favorite stamp set is Bloomin Beautiful and a friend referred me to your site. Thanks for the great ideas on here!

  53. Sorry--I clicked out too early in previous post. My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind, my favorite stamp (right this minute) is Stamping Bella's Snowbunnyabella, and I was referred to your blog through someone on SCS.

  54. Great blog - keep at it! My fave tv show is Biggest Loser, my fave stamp (this week) is Veggiebella, and I found your blog through Allison, Stampin When I Can. Thanks for the chance at that FAB candy :)

  55. FABULOUS candy!!!! YOu are so generous!! My favorite TV show is Survivor - I've watched every season! I found you through Allison. My favorite Stamp set right now (still) is Delight In Life by Stampin UP.
    Cheryl KVD

  56. Wow, what a cool blog, I'm sure I'll be back. My fave TV show would have to be anything on Discovery Health!!! Oh my, to pick a favorite stamp set, thats tough as I have about 90 SU sets (still not enough). I guess I'd pick Embrace Life right now as my favorite though. JenMarie sent me over here, thats how I found you!!!

  57. What wonderful much! It's great! My favorite show is Criminal Intent SVU. I found your blog through Stampin When You Can's blog. I currently LOVE LOVE LOVE the Always set in SU's catalogue. Congratulations!
    Mary Puskar

  58. Well my fav. movie is Run Lola Run (people I say this too either say HUH or say I love that movie too!lol)My fav. stamps right now is Embrace Life by SU I can't get enough of it I guess it must be cause I can play around w/the coloring on flowers and how I found you well through Allison's blog where all the candies are listed :)congrats on your amazing month blogging :)

  59. Wow! You are uber generous, lady! So here you go...

    1. My all time favorite tv show is Farscape.

    2. Favorite stamp set... my swirls from Purple Onion! I use them on EVERYTHING.

    3. I found you through Stampin' When I Can

    Thanks so much!
    Elizabeth Wickland

  60. Great Candy! Thanks for the chance!
    1. 'Chicago' is my favorite movie
    2. Magnolia is my favorite stamping company at this moment
    3. I came here by a link on Allison's blog 'Stamping when I can'

  61. Well, i don't think those are wierd requirements. I think that asking questions like that give you a chance to get to know your readers and it makes your comments interesting for you to read. (I mean who want a bunch of "great candy" comments...) Anyway, glad you asked.

    1. My favorite movie...well there's lots of them, but recently the ones that I love watching are the Left Behind series. They're so thought provoking.
    2. Favorite stamps set...All my stamps are my favorite since I don't own more than what 5 cd cases can fill, plus one alpha set.
    3. I stumbled upon your blog through Allison over at

    Anyway, I'll quit commenting before this gets too long winded. Just wanted to say thanks for a chance to win.

  62. Awesome blog candy!! My favorite TV show right now is Deal or No fav stamp set...hummm, too many to choose from and I found your blog thru Allison, Stampin' When I Can!! Thanks for the chance! :o)

    Cindy Coffman

  63. Happy Blog Anniversary! Yummy candy! TFS with us! I'm Monika... I am not sure where I found you... I think on SCS... right now I love SU! Always set...

  64. Wow...what a generous blog candy offer and a fabulous blog. Well, my favorite TV Show is The Office. (Love a good laugh!!) My favorite stamp set (today - ha!) is Boho Backgrounds. I found your blog through a comment you left for me on this card of mine.

    Happy Wednesday - Regina

  65. What a great prize! Thanks for the chance to win.
    My favorite movie is Ice Age. I have several favorite stamps. Right now leaves. I'm not sure how I found your blog. I find one and link to others and on and on. I'll be back for sure.

  66. wow, you've only been blogging a month? happy blogaversary! Great candy!!! :D
    Favorite set: Just So Hoppy ;)
    favorite Show: tie between sevceral reality shows(my guilty pleasure)
    I found your blog: form all your sweet comments and fabulous submissions to my contest!

  67. 1. my favorite show is Oprah - it's about the only thing I watch (well tape) other than shows on the Disney Channel that I watch with my girls
    2. my favorite stamp set(s) are both of melanie's new set - I have been having lots of fun with them!
    3. I found your blog through melanie muenchinger's Look Who's Hoppy list where I found you fantastic bunny card!

    Thanks so much for the extremely generous candy offer!
    Andrea Leigh

  68. Lovely blog candy, Jessie!! Here I am!
    ~Hannah girlzclubstampers

  69. Wow, this is amazing candy. You are sooo generous. Hubby & I don't watch much tv (in fact, we don't even have cable). But we like to watch Star Trek on DVD. We're nerds! My favourite stamp set at the moment is out on a limb from PTI. And I found you through Stampin when I can.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  70. Hi Jessie, My name is Teresa aka SCS va.sunshine. I do not like t.v., but my favorite movie is The Wizard of OZ, one of my fvaorite stamp sets is pricesless; I also like time well spent which I don't have yet, and I found your blog because you left a amazing comment to one of my cards on SCS. Thank you sooo much, I can't believe how much I really enjoy reading the comments. God bless you for being such a "giver" and your three little neices are beautiful!!! Have a great day Teresa Kline:):):) *~*

  71. Hi Jessica - what a great prize!

    1. favorite TV show is definately CSI (the original set in Las Vegas on Thursday night!)

    2.. Favorite stamp - hard one - every NEW stamp I buy is my favorite!

    3. I found your blog on SCS

  72. Whoa! That is some awesome candy... Let's see:
    1. favorite TV show is LOST
    2. favorite stamp set is Baroque Motifs
    3. I found your blog thru Allison's blog.
    Thanks for the candy op, and keep on bloggin'!

  73. What a great blog, I'll be back often. My favorite tv show is Men In Trees, favorite stamp set is Lovely As A Tree and I found your blog through Allison at Stamping when I can.

  74. Wow...great giveaway..
    1. Gladiator
    2. SU Embrace Life
    3. StampinwhenIcan..through Allison's...Congrats!!!

    susan w

  75. Thanks for sharing your ideas and blog candy! My favorite movie is "Scrooge", I love snowman stamps - no particular one, and I found you thru the website StampinwhenIcan. Congratulations!


  76. Wow, you did go overboard with the candy! But that's okay for the lucky winner! Maybe it'll be me!

    1. Survivor is my favorite TV show.
    2. The Bella stamps are my favorite.
    3. Either through Stampin When I Can or a link on somebody's blog!

  77. Wow, amazing blog candy...I think you did go overboard. My favourite show is NCIS, favourite set (at the moment) is Bundle of Joy and I found your blog when you left a comment on one of my cards on Splitcoast and it's on your signature! BTW, thanks for the kind words on my card!

  78. Wow, what great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win. Congrats on your 1 month anniversary. My favorite TV show is Lost, I have too many favorite stamps and I found your blog through SCS.

  79. Hello there! Oh what fun! My favorite movie is "Princess Bride". My favorite stamp set is "Pond Pals" from Clear Dollar Stamps and finally I found you through Allison's blog, Stampin' When I Can.

    ~Nancy Grant

  80. Wow, that is awesome blog candy! Congrats on one month and thanks for the chance at the wonderful prize! I love your artwork and look forward to much more of it!

  81. Well, let's see --- my favorite TV show is LOST -- I have too many fav movies, but they are all listed on my blog! :)
    My fav stamp set would be Paint Prints by SU! (oldie but goodie!), and I found your blog through your siggy in our TPBM game! Looks great! And what awesome blog candy! Have a great day!!!

  82. Wow, I just stopped by to check out your blog and I see you have some AWESOME blog candy! Soooo... I figured I would add my name to the HUGE list! My favorite tv show is American Idol (at the moment), my other favorite is CSI Miami. I was checking out all the blogs of people who have left me a comment in my gallery on SCS and that is how I came across your blog. My favorite stamp set.... hmmmmmm.... right now it is A Little Birdie Told Me... but my all time favorite set ever is Best of Cluck. I think I love the chicken and bird legs or something! Great blog by the way!!

  83. Fab blog candy!! My favorite tv show is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. My favorite stamp(s) of the moment are Penny Black hedgehogs - love to use them in tihe Spring! I can't remember how I found your blog - probably a link from someone else's, as I love to blog surf!! Marilyn Cline

  84. Wooooohoooooo, Congrats!! on your first month, and this candy looks awesome!

    Here is my entrie!

    I love Criminal Minds program

    Floral Favorites from TAC

    I found you through SCS


  85. I dont watch tv~ but when I do, I am at the gym I am always drawn to Food Network. Ironic? I really dont have a fave set... I love all I have. I have been using my Papertrey Ink "Women of Life" alot. I found you thru a comment on my card at SCS. Kris

  86. Love your blog! My favorite TV show is House. Love the humor! I can't choose a favorite stamp set - they are like children, you can't have favorites! Some of my most used are French Script BG, Roses in Winter, Wild About You and the splatter stamp from Itty Bitty Backgrounds (go figure!). I found your blog through Allison!

  87. Hey, thanks for the chance to win.
    My favorite tv show is either Monk or LOST--depends on what kind of mood I'm in. My current favorite stamp set is Prehistoric Pals and I found your blog through Splitcoast. I plan to add you to my blogroll as soon as my silly computer quits acting up... :)

  88. I just found you awesome blog. Congratulations on one month. My
    favorite tv show is NCIS. My
    favorite stamp is Eggstra Special
    by MFT and I found your blog from
    your Easter card in the gallery.

    Jo Ann W aka myinkyfingers

  89. Jessica, this is overboard I think even for you.
    My favorite color is Brown, boring for most but beautiful to me.
    My favorite stamp set would have to be Lovely as a Tree by SU, goes with the brown right.
    I found your blog by being curious about your stunning Easter cards.
    Hope I qualify, Nicky
    AKA ButterflyEars

  90. Wow, I just found your blog! I love your style! Awesome that you've had a strong first month blogging.
    OK, right now I love 24 tv series. I have so many fav stamps, it's so hard to pick... I suppose right now it's embrace life SU set, but roses in winter is a close runner up. I found your blog in your SCS sig while viewing another SCS-er upload, you had commented right before me.
    I am tx stamper on SCS, Laurie.

  91. What a great giveaway ... thanks for the chance to win. You're so generous to give all of these goodies after one month blogging.
    Here are my answers:
    1. My favorite movie (cartoon!!) right now is Ratatouille!
    2. I love all of the Papertrey stamps, can't choose a favorite!
    3. I found you through googling, and I'm glad I did!

  92. Jessie- I love your blog and love your creations. Favorite movie/TV show is LOST! I am a Lostie- from the start. Favorite stamp set- Lovely as A Tree, of course. And, found your blog through your gallery in SCS- the most awesome gallery. You are so gifted.

    I try to check it every day..

    Thanks for sharing,

    Diane (Lost in the 60's)

  93. Jessie, wowww you are amazingly generous!!!!
    1. My favorite TV Show right now is American Idol.
    2. My favorite stamp is Embrace Life, I love it really much eventhough I don't own it.
    3. I found your blog checking my comments in one of my cards I posted on SCS. Thanks your comment.

    Congratulations on your first month in the world blog, LOL

    God bless you

  94. 1. your favorite movie or tv show, 2. your favorite stamp or stamp set
    3. how you found my blog.

    MMMmmm...first of all...
    CONGRATZ on your FIRST Month Anniversary Jessie!Your blog is fabulous just like the person who created it;)
    To answer the Q's above:
    1)movie:it's a toss between Pretty Woman and the Godfather (I know I night and day!)
    TV show:at the moment I like to watch Survivors,American Idol,and my daily soap Y&R :o)
    2)hard to say...I love ALL kind-a stamps,U should know that...*lol*!
    3)I found your blog through a mail from a very cute,sweet and super talented brunette from Michigan...*wink~wink*

    Again, Congratulation and keep all the awesome blog~job U're doing!
    Have a great w/end...I'm sure it will be full of FUN and LAUGHTER;)


  95. I love your blog and have favorited it to check in on every day. I found it by looking at your gallery on SCS. My favorite'ish' show is American Idol or Grey's Anatomy. My favorite stamp is Just Like You I guess although I like them all! ;-) Thanks and happy stamping!

  96. I just left a comment and realized I didn't leave my name-as you requested. It is Monica. Thanks.


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