Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Creative Chat-Patterned Paper

It's time for the MFT Creative Chat. The My Favorite Things Design Team Creative Chat is a monthly feature, where we are challenged to explore our creative spaces and share valuable organizational methods, tools, and shopping strategies with you. You'll be able to peek into our creative spaces, ask questions, and share your own ideas in the MFT forum. This month, we were asked the following questions:

How do you store and organize your patterned paper?

I recently moved to a one bedroom apartment, so this first photo is from there. I use the same system at my apartment...except it's tucked away in a closet, and I have to use a flashlight if I want to see anything. It's super sad, but it is what it is. In this holder, which was purchased at Target, I keep all my 12x12 paper. It is mostly from SU, and some loose sheets I have purchased along the way.

I do keep each paper pack in it's on envelope, purchased at Michael's. It has a one button closure on the top, and can expand pretty wide. They are sold 10 in a package, and I slowly collected them by using my 50% off coupons. In this envelope, I keep my packs of paper, and as I get scraps, I throw them in with it. For the few 12x12 pads that I own, I keep them in the vertical slots at the top of the picture.

For my 6x6 pads, which I am mostly leaning towards, I keep them in these nifty little milk crates that I purchased at Wal-mart. They are perfect size for keeping the pads upright and together. I have seeeeveral pads, so they take up about 3 bins, working on 4. Yikes!!

I also purchase sampler packs of paper, from Die Cuts R Us, and those I put into a ziploc baggie when they come. They are usually shipped bundled together, so I put a piece of paper in with them, so I know what company made them, and what they are called. Saves a TON of time searching for names!

How do you store your scrap patterned paper?

I am quite certain you will be seeing some version or another of this method of storing scraps, but Jodi Collins told me, and it works quite well. I take a 6x9 envelope, and cut off the top to fit the back of the paper packs. I then use some form of glue(Helmar, Tombow, Red Line Tape...etc.) to adhere them to the back.

This method allows me to slip the scraps in as I use them, and that way they are all together. Before Jodi told me about her envelope method, I had scraps EVERYWHERE!! Now, with them being right there with the pad, I am much more likely to use them, and not have to search for them.

Well, that is it for me for now! Thanks for taking a look at my storage, and I hope it wasn't too boring for you, lol!!

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  1. Fabulous Jessie ... fun to see how you store your patterned papers!

  2. What an awesome tip about gluing the envelope to the back of the paper pad! WOW I'm going to start doing that today right after I get my craft room organized!

  3. looove your paper storage....and the envie on the back ides...borrowed that from Jodi as well. love it!


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