Friday, December 12, 2008

Some RAK's

So, yesterday all of a sudden it hit me that it is the 11th....may not mean much since you all know that I am VERY aware of how close it is to Christmas, but to me, it was EYE OPENING.....the new DD gallery opens in 4 days!!! FOUR DAYS PEOPLE!!!ACKKKK!!! I have been so Christmas card focused that I TOTALLY forgot that it was almost the believe me when I tell you, I have been just can't see it yet!! So for today(until I get home tonight from my sister's) I will have to leave you with cards by other people, LOL!! This first one was sent to me by my super sweet SBFF Jodi(kharmagirl). She is so SUPER talented and I love everything she does, so I was THRILLED to have this gorgeous baby land on my doorstep!! Thanks Jodi, you know you I luv ya!!

This next card was made by the SUPER talented Julie Lacey(juliemlacey). She has a PHENOMENAL gallery and a super cool blog...check her out!! I had left some comments on her blog and on SCS and she sent me this card to thank me...isn't that the SWEETEST!! I love it Julie, so thanks!! Upon receiving it though, I realized that I HAVE to have this Bella...oiy!!

Well, that is it for me now...I am off to watch my nephew!! Thanks for stopping by and I swear, LATE tonight, I will have some eye candy for you!!


  1. Both cards are great! The Bella is SO cute!

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  3. Awesome cards. I agree that Jodi is super talented! Good luck getting all of your dirty cards done!

  4. Jessie, your card is absolutely stunning and what a great RAK you got there :)

  5. WHOA! I can't believe my card is on YOUR blog!!! I almost fell off my chair, seriously!! I'm waiting on something special (in the SLOW mail!) for your blog candy so hang tight, it's coming! Thanks for being so patient! :)

  6. Awesome RAKs Jessie!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


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