Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some More Birthday RAK's

Here are some more of the fabulous RAK's that I received for my birthday!! This first one came from one of the Paper Pretties guest designers, Stephanie Hargis. Stephanie is one of the SWEETEST people I have ever met and super talented to boot!! Thanks Stephanie for the fabulous birthday wishes!!
My next card came to me from my friend, and fellow DD member, Carole Burrage(trucarma). This card is flippin FANTASTIC!! I have always admired her way with color, she puts together some of the brightest colors ever, and makes them look good...she even taught me to love Sage Shadow!! Anyway, LOVE that image, love the sentiment, LOVE the bling!! She sent it to me not only to congratulate me on getting chosen for the Dirty Dozen, but also for my birthday!! Thanks Carole, I love it!

My third card came to me from my fellow Prettie Girl, Jackie Pedro(strappystamper). Jackie is one of my FAVORITE stampers!! She has such great style(would you look at all those layers, how could I NOT love her) and is just all around a great person! She also sent me a bunch of my favorite goodies; bling, pearls, and yep, you guessed it, SPIRAL CLIPS, WAHOOOOOO!!! Thank you so much Jackie, I love it, and all the goodies you sent!!

My last card came to me from my friend Silke Ledlow(sparklegirl). Silke is INSANELY talented and does amazing things with white space. I seriously envy her ability to make such clean and GORGEOUS cards. When looking at the gallery at SCS, I can have a page of 96 cards in front of me and be able to pick hers out straight away. Her style is so distinctive and BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much for the wonderful card and birthday wishes!!!


  1. Beautiful card Jessie!!! I hope you had a great birthday.
    God bless

  2. AWWW - aren't you sweet!!! I had no idea I'm so brilliant - LOL!!!
    Ditto - right back at ya!!!

    Hope you had a fun one??? I was thinking of you!!! Cindy (mothermark) suggested we should all celebrate next year together - how about it???

  3. What an awesome group of RAK's... you spread sunshine wherever you go, Jess...so I'm not surprised so many people want to celebrate you! lots of beautiful cards!

  4. They are all lovely cards, and I'm so happy you got your spiral clips! About the bling you received, what brand are those rhinestones?

  5. Exactly what Jessica said....You spread sunshine wherever you go!! Happy Birthday girl and I'm glad you love those things...what are they called???? Spiral clips I think!! LOL!!

  6. Uh-oh!!
    Happy Belated Birthday, Jessie!
    Hope it was full of fun, cake, and special delights!!

    (Awesome cards, BTW!)


  7. Love your birthday cards. Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful day! Hugs, Mary


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