Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some RAK's

I have recieved several RAK's in the mail recently that I haven't got around to posting!! Here are a few of them!!

This first one is from Gwen(tturtle)!! Gwen is super sweet and always leaves the nicest comments on my cards in the SCS gallery. When She heard that I had been chosen for the Featured Stamper, she PM'd me and asked me for my address. This is the card that she made for the challenge!! Thank you so much Gwen, I just LOVE it!!

My next RAK was from Denise Marzec(peanutbee).......WOOT!! She is one of my FAVORITE stampers and I adore everything that she creates. She is so super talented and was recently invited to be on the There She Goes design team along with me. I am so excited to work with someone so talented!! This is the card that she made for the Featured Stamper challenge too, so thank you for honoring me!!

My last card is from Michelle Woerner(sf9erfan), WOOHOO!! Michelle is not only a super sweet person, but she is MAJORLY talented. This is the card that she made for the Featured Stamper challenge and I LOVE IT!! It has 10 layers....YAYYY!! LOL!! You know how I feel about layers right? It was so funny yesterday, my good friend Laura was saying that she had to be near the limit of embellishments that one person could put on a Limited Supplies challenge card without having the challenge police called. I promptly replied that we could share a cell because my limited card had 10 layers......hmmm, me thinks that may be stretching the word LIMITED a little too far!! Anyway, thank you so much Michelle, I love it...and I am feeling very enabled right now...I have been on the fence about that Verve set, and now can feel myself falling off the edge!! LOL!!


  1. Yipeee! You got the card! I am glad you enjoyed your very deserving day as the Featured Stamper!

    Hugs, michelle

  2. Great RAK's!!! All of them are just GORGEOUS! :D

  3. Oh wow, really cool cards from Gwen and Michelle! Wowzers!

    ...and thank you for the very sweet comments. You're one of my favs too, girlie, and I'm so excited to get the chance to work with you too. {{hugs}}

  4. These are awesome RAK's - I better get of my butt and mail your card too...!!!

  5. Just gorgeous, RAKs, Jessie! Lucky you!

  6. great RAKS, Jessie - you deserve them so much, spreading your sunshine all around the web!

  7. All three of these are wonderful. Really great RAK's


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