Saturday, March 8, 2008

You Make My Day Award!!

I am so honored to have been nominated for this award by my cyber pal Carolina. I kinda needed this because I'm not having all that great a day. So thank you for cheering me up!! I am supposed to nominate 5 people for this award, but I want to nominate more, so here goes

  1. Lesa- Punkydoodle Papers
  2. Linsey-Outside the Lines
  3. Lee-My Reality...It's All Good!
  4. Chat-Me, My Stamps, and I
  5. Laura- Scrap n Extra's
  6. Carolina- Carolina's Creative Pad
  7. Melanie- Hands, Head, and Heart
  8. Silke- My Life
Well, that is all for me now!!! I am thinking about participating in the mini vsn over at SCS tonight, so I may be posting some new stuff later!!! Have a great day!!!


  1. Whoa Baby!! 2 Nominations!! How exciting and what an honor!! ROCK and definitely consider yourself nominated by me again!! I don't ever miss a thing on your blog!! Thanks!!

  2. Hey you sweet thang! I just got home (been at mol's all day!) and of course checked your blog straight away, but I didn't expect an award to be awaiting me! You just make me smile! You are too sweet and super talented, inspiring and adorable!!! Thank you so much, buddy!

  3. woohoo !!!! jessie !!!! i can't believe it but you definitely made my day !!!! thanks bunches and bunches !!!!
    I love that song Jessie, so that is what I am going to call you from now on !!!

  4. Hey darlin'...thanks for the nomination; You made my day! Sorry I didn't drop in sooner, I am having computer sharing issues! Thanks for everything, and for starting your blog. I know I miss so much of your art on SCS, because I don't play so many challenges. Love what you do!

  5. You are too kind!!! But you've surely made my day/evening!!! Been kinda busy with my girls....

    I really enjoy your blog and I'm happy to see that you've brought my bunnies back - LOL!!!
    Your cards a fabulous - love your style!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  6. Wow! What an honor to be nominated by you! My cards pale in comparison - but I'm thrilled I can make your day as great as you make mine! Hugs & Stamps!


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