Saturday, September 20, 2008


I said I was gonna post all my awards I had received, and by golly, I am gonna do it! Of course, I had no idea there were this many!! I may have missed someone, PLEASE don't take it personally, I just went through my last two months worth of posts looking for comments telling me that they gave me an award and my head is spinning!! This first award I received from Pam(yorkiemom), andTerry(TERRORE3) . Thanks so much ladies, I totally appreciate it!!

The second award that I received came from Laurel. Her blog is gorgeous and so is her work!! Thanks so much Laurel!!

I have received this award from a few different people. Melissa Bove, Monika(buszy), Carolina(craftycaro), and Lee(luvlee). They all gave it to me over a MONTH ago, but I am JUST now getting it posted...what can I say...I'm sorry!! Since it has been forever, I am not going to nominate anyone, I just wanted them to know that I totally appreciate them thinking of me and giving me this award, sorry it took so long to post it!! Shameful!
I also received the Brilliante Award(already in my sidebar) from my pal Debbie over at Debbies Doodles and my pal Linsey(scraperlinsey). She is so super sweet and talented!! Since it is already over there, I will spare you the second picture!! Thanks Debbie, I think you are pretty Brilliante yourself!!
Okay, so by now you probably have picked up that I haven't posted rules or anything like that, and I know that isn't the way you are supposed to play, but do you realize how many people I would have to nominate to pass all these on???CRAZY!!! So, I just wanted to let them ALL know, that I appreciate the awards and I send them out to anyone reading my blog...I do this all for you(maybe a little for me, but definitely for you all too!!)!!


  1. Congrats on all your awards! You have a great blog!

  2. COngrats girl!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  3. Hey girl! Wow! I forgot about that award!! LOL!! You are one popular girl! ;) Don't feel bad about slacking on posting them...I'm the QUEEN slacker when it comes to posting...(like, I haven't even posted your RAK yet...YIKES!) I better get a move on!

    CONGRATS on it all! YOU'RE DA BOMB!


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