Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Pajamas!!!!

I've been tagged again!!! I am so excited!! I got tagged by Linsey, you can view here fabulous blog Outside the Lines here. I am pretty new to blogging, so I am going to tag a couple of people that really inspire me, and are just all around sweeties!!
Laura Fredrickson-she is absolutely fabulous, check her out!!!
Melanie Muenchinger-what can I say, she just inspires me!!
Lesa Smaligo-she is such a sweetie, and so easily enabled!!LOL
Silke Ledlow-I don't really know her, but she leaves the most encouraging comments on my blog, and hers is fabulous
And Linsey and Carolina, if you weren't already tagged, this would come straight back at ya!!!
Thanks again Linsey, I am flattered!! Happy Sunday everyone, and keep checking back, I have 5 new cards to post, it's just a matter of getting time to post them!! My nieces are here, and they demand a lot of attention(their picture is in my side column, aren't they angels!!). We just spent 2hours in the play place at McD's!!! I stayed up til 2am working on them, because I knew I wouldn't get time to stamp with the girls here, but let me tell you, you can definitely tell the difference between the first one I did and the last one. I probably should have quit and went to bed. Off to take pictures, if I can!!LOL