Monday, October 27, 2008

Some MORE Birthday RAK's!!

So, I got a few more RAK's in the mail and I wanted to share them with you!! We took my nephew Jared to get his shots today, and if you remember from last time, he had a bad reaction to one of the shots, but they weren't sure which one, so today has been stressful to say the least!! Instead of getting the normal three immunization shots(apparently there are way more then just 3 immunizations-one of those shots holds 5 vaccines, geez), he got two-one for each leg. As of right now, he has had no reaction beyond the normal "how could you let them do this to me, I thought you liked me, owie my leg hurts" fussing, he is doing GREAT......PHEWWWW!!! What a relief!! Also, my BIL is getting married this week, so I will be extra busy for the next few days trying to get ready for MIL is FREAKIN out!!LOL!! Anyway, I got this GORGEOUS card in the mail from my friend Bev. It is amazing how you get to know people on SCS just through commenting and such. It started with comments on each others cards, and then we were on the There She Goes team at the same time...and I think we "talked" at a release party once, and the rest as they say, is history!! Isn't this FAB!! Thanks Bev, I love it!!

My next card came from my fellow Prettie Girl, Danielle(dlounds). How TALENTED is she!!! Along with being a fellow Prettie Girl, and our FABULOUS challenge girl(at the Paper Pretties forum), she is also on the Great Swaps Girls with me!! Thank you so much Danielle, I love it!!

This next card came from the SUPER talented and SUPER sweet illustrator for Paper Pretties, Joni Stringfield. She is BEYOND talented and so fabulous!! Thanks Joni, I love it!!

Finally, this JAW dropping GORGEOUS card came to me from Chat(nitestamper). When I opened it up, it took my breath away....there is just something about her style that I LOVE!! The colors are gorgeous and her work is meticulous!! Thanks Chat, I love it!!

That is all for me now..I am waiting for my second wind to see if I can muster up enough energy to stamp!!