Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Been Bad...

I have been VERY bad about sharing all the RAK's I have received over the last year. VERY BAD!! I literally have a box full of cards that I need to share, and to be honest, a box full to mail, so I need to get on the ball. Since I had no real stamping time this weekend, I decided that today is the day to start!! I will start showing them three at a time, til the box is empty!! To all my friends that have sent me cards I'M SORRY I AM SO SLOW!! LOL!! Without further we go!!
Julia Betemps- Owner of the Little Paper Shop
Sent as a Thank You for being a guest designer, to which I say, NO NO, THANK YOU!!

Barbara Anders- These next two are from her!! The first was from when I was recovering from dental surgery. The second, for my birthday!!!(yes, I've been that bad!!)

Thank you to both of you!! To the rest of you that have RAK'd me since my divorce...they are coming!! Slowly but surely!!!