Sunday, February 3, 2008

Don't You Want To Join Me??

Hi everyone out there!! I have been absent for a couple of days, so I thought I would post and let you all know what is going on!! My mom is moving from Carmi, IL to Henderson, KY. It is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from her old house. I have been helping her pack this past week and then on Saturday we had the big move, well sort of. Mom, I love you, but you have a TON of stuff. Her fiance, John, rented a 27ft UHaul, and we(me, my husband Travis, my sister Mary, her husband Russell, my mom, John and one of my husband's coworkers Rich) filled it full!! Bad thing is, we still have atleast of 1/3 of her stuff still to pack and move. So for the next week or two, you probably won't be seeing a lot of stamping from me. I was going to today, but my arms hurt so bad, wahhhwahhh!!! I do want to say that the featured stamper gallery is FABULOUS today, and I wish I had the energy to CASE her, but I just don't. To top it all off, I have a birthday party to go to today, so not only do I have to go shop(cause I still don't have a gift), I have to figure out how I am going to go to a party and get to watch the superbowl!!!!

About my title, no I don't need help moving, unless you just really want to!!! I want to start an RAK group. I would like this to be a group of friends, kind of like a stamping support group, where we all send cards/stuff to each other on birthday's, holidays, anniversaries, hard times, and just because. We will take suggestions from each other for people to send them to, like community members or other people we know. We will also pick people from the need a lift forum on SCS to send to too. I would even like to start a chat thread on SCS, for us to stay in touch. I see all the different groups on SCS, and I wish I was part of one, but most have been talking and sharing for so long, it is hard to get in, if you know what I mean!!! I have had a couple of people want to join, but I would love to have, won't you come join us???

I am going to share a picture of my nephew today, since I don't have any cards to post. He is my sister Mary's stepson. In this picture, he is with his half sister Tori. Well that's all for me!! have a great day!! Go RAMS.....boohoohoo!!