Saturday, March 22, 2008

Do You Believe in Miracles?

If you came to my blog and only saw the title, forgive me, I am an airhead!! Anyway, do you believe?? If ever there was a time of year to believe in miracles, it would be Easter time. For me, it ranks right up there with Christmas. I promised when I started this blog, I would not get religious on you, and I am not going to now, but I am going to tell you a story that may make you believe. First, the background. My older sister Mary and I both suffer from what is known as PCOS in the medical world. It is PolyCycstic Ovarian Syndrome. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is basically a condition that causes you to ovulate irregularly if at all. The only way to control it is by diet, exercise and the only prescribed medication is glucophage. Basically with this disease, the heavier you are, the worse it is. So anyway, we both wanted to have a baby at about the same time. We both started seeing a DR. to get help to do so. I was immediately started on Clomid(causes you to super ovulate) and was having 2 to 3 ultrasounds a month to check for ovulation. On top of this all, I was having to take a shot when they thought I was ready to help me ovulate too. After 6 months of this, my regular DR decided that I needed to see a specialist. After 3 rounds of insemination, they decided that we needed to test Travis and see if anything was wrong with him, which of course, there was. His problem can be corrected surgically, but for right now, due to financial reasons, we need to wait. So during this time, my sisters DR wanted to have her tested to see if everything was alright with her( now remember, all this was happening at the same time). She had a test done that checks your tubes to see if they are open(which mine are) and they told her that hers were 100% blocked, so basically, the only way for her to have a baby was to do in vitro. She started seeing a specialist and he wanted her to start on the glucophage to get her body ready to ovulate, but wanted her to lose weight before he would start the clomid. She was a real trooper and started the low carb diet and lost 50+ pounds. At some point along the way, life happened, her husband switched jobs, and they lost his insurance which had the in-vitro coverage on it. For those of you that have done this, it is hugely expensive. So after some soul searching, they decided to give up and just live with the fact that they wouldn't ever have children together( he has a son from a previous relationship). I bet you know what is sister called me today and is pregnant!!! I don't know how, I don't know why, but she is. So for the DR that told her her tubes were 100% blocked, you were wrong!!!! Talk about a miracle!!! Wanna know the funny part, she is 6MONTHS along!!! Isn't that crazy!!! I had to laugh at her, because I always make fun of those people on TV that don't know they are pregnant until they give birth. Thankfully, she didn't get to that point, but 6months is a long time to now know. She does say that looking back now, she should have seen the signs(the biggest one being that fact that she hasn't had a period since October), but when you get told that there is no way possible, it is the furthest thing from your mind. Do you wanna know how she found out....she felt him kicking!!! Awesome!!! So this card is for Mary and Russell, congratulations on your amazing news!! (BTW it is also for the Inspiration challenge over on SCS, you know I can make anything work the way I want it too!!) The main image is from the new Anna Wight set for Whipper Snapper called Bundle of Joy. It was stamped on watercolor paper with Black Stazon and colored with SU markers and ink pads with my aquapainter. I then outlined it all with my prismacolor cool grey marker. I rounded the corners(for Sharon's stamp simply challenge) and layered it with my card colors, Blue Bayou, Soft Sky and Sage Shadow. The rest is pretty easy to figure out, and my nieces are here, so I really need to get to bed, I have another story to tell tomorrow, but this post is huge!! Thanks for looking and have a miraculous day!!
stamps-Bundle of Joy by Whipper Snapper
ink- Black Stazon, Blue Bayou and Soft Sky
paper-Blue Bayou, Soft Sky CS and DSP, Sage Shadow, and Very Vanilla
tools-silver grads, silver cord, SU markers, aquapainter, cool grey marker, circle punches and soft sky ribbon