Friday, March 28, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over...

I just got done posting my 7 random facts and went to check my email . In it was a message with some big news that I have been DYING to share. I should have listed not being able to keep a secret in my random facts, but I have been really proud of myself lately. About a month ago, Christie Ortman from Paper Pretties contacted me. I had went to one of their new release parties and she saw someone new there and wanted to check me out. She sent me an email saying that she loved my work, and couldn't believe that she hadn't saw it before!!! She then asked me to be a guest designer for them from April to June!!! WOOHOOO!!! I wanted to explode, and am quite surprised that I didn't!! I had to keep it a secret, which was painful, but she just sent us an email announcing the big news on the Paper Pretties website and I am so excited!! I hope you will love seeing my samples from their wonderful products as much as I am gonna love making them!!! Thanks Christie for the wonderful opportunity!!! I am so excited to be given this opportunity, and honored to get to work with such a super talented bunch of ladies!!
On another note, I recieved this wonderfully beautiful, and truly heartfelt card from Carolina Buchting (craftycaro). I have gotten to know her through blogging and SCS and she is truly "one of the good ones". Not only is she super sweet and supportive, but she is so talented and wonderful. I really cannot think of enough adjectives to describe her. I had seen her post this card on her blog, and explain why she had made it, but I never thought that it would be for me. If the card wasn't special enough, the note inside of it is still making me cry. I won't share what it said, because I don't know how she would feel about it, but I will tell you that I am truly blessed to have ever "met" her. Her words touched my soul and I will remember them every time I feel like there is no hope for my quest to become a mother. Thank you for being who you are, and enriching my life. I have no idea how I will repay you, but I will find a way!! Thanks for stopping by again, and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Tagged Again!!

I got tagged twice more with the 7 random facts tag, so I decided I would post 7 new facts about me, so that we all can get to know each other better. I was tagged by one of my favorite stamp designers, Melanie Muenchinger. She designs for Gina K, and has a fabulous blog. The second tag was by Jana Weaver. She too has a fabulous blog, so go check her out too!! So the rules are, post a link to the people that tagged you-check. Post the rules-check, and now, post your facts. Okay here goes,

1. I can't swim. I know, sad, but true. I have tried, I even took lessons, but I think I stayed in tadpoles for like 2 years and finally gave up. Okay, so I can swim a little( I do a mean dead man's float-hehe), but I can't tread water, which is kinda important if you get in deep water. So to make a long story short, I can kinda swim, but if I have to stop, and I can't touch the bottom or hang on to something, CALL A LIFEGUARD(preferably a cute one)because I am gonna need one!!!

2. I was born in Germany, but left when I was 1 1/2. I would love to go back, but DH hates to travel(for fun, he will for business), so it will probably never happen.

3. I have a fear of being wrong. This fear is so strong, that even if I knew the answers in class, or whatever, I refused to raise my hand just in case. Seriously, it is so bad, that when I am wrong in front of people(or even when no one is watching), I blush so severely that I get super hot. It really holds me back a little in life, because I am terrified to fail.

4. This one is going to shock some of you, but I have a tendency not to pay attention to details. I watch a lot of crime shows on TV, and when the witnesses are asked to give details for a sketch, or what a person was wearing, or what they look like, I always think to myself, I hope I never lose anyone or witness a crime, cause I will be up poop creek without a paddle!!! I have to think about what color people's eyes are, and up until about a year ago when I forced myself to look and memorize their color, I could not tell you what my DH's eye color was.

5. I was a nanny for 5yrs for two beautiful little girls. I never wanted to leave them, but my boss could not accept the fact that I wanted a life outside of their home( I lived with them), so I had to move on. I still get a Christmas card from them every year, but I miss them with every fiber of my being. I started taking care of Emily when she was 11months old, and was there for the first 2 1/2 years of Olivia's life. When I left, it seriously felt like I was having my own children taken away from me. I will never forget the day I left for the rest of my life, it was one of the saddest days of my life. Olivia was too young to understand, and I am sure she has all but forgotten me, but I will never forget her.(BTW, I am crying now...I told you I am a cryer)

6. I can't stand to wear finger nail polish. Every once in awhile I will get my nails done(okay, have acrylic nails put on)but I always do the french tip manicure. I can't stand to see any color on my fingers(or my lips for that matter), it just never looks right.

7. I have secretly been in love(ya know, celebrity luv)with Matthew McConaughey since I saw him in the movie A Time To Kill. The movie was one of the most emotional movies I have ever seen(cried like a baby throughout a lot of it), but as a southern lawyer, well, he gave me the "vapors", so to speak!!! It was the first movie I ever saw with him, and can honestly say(with the exception of Texas Chain Saw Massacre) I try not to miss one with him in it. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, enough said!!!

Okay--check. Now I am supposed to nominate 7 more people, but I really had a hard time doing it the first time, so if you are reading this, and you want to participate, please do. Just be sure to link me to it, so I can learn more about you all!!

Unloved Embellishments....

whoever heard of such a thing!!!?? I don't know about you all, but I love all my embellishments, that's why I buy them. "Hoarded" or "can't figure out how to use them" embellishments, I have a TON of those. Why am I babbling about this you ask, well, it's because the limited supplies challenge over on SCS for this week is to use your unloved embellishments. Since we already figured out that I don't have any of those, I used some that I just had to have, but have never used. Do you know that I have 9 packages of dew drops that have not one been put on a card?? Well, you do now!! Since part of the challenge was to put those unloved embellishments on a card with flowers, I decided to use my new Bloomin Beautiful set from the SU Occasions Mini Catalog( I also used Beate's weekend sketch challenge layout). After seeing all of the WONDERFUL creations with this set, I just had to have it!! SU really should consider making all of their stamps pre-cut(makes it so much easier just to get started stamping), at least, I think they should!! This is pretty simple so I won't go into terrible details, but the image is on Very Vanilla and colored with ink pads and my aquapainter. Since I am kind of obsessed with my crystal effects right now, I covered the flowers with it to make them pop. The base is colored with my markers and the whole image was outlined with my Prismacolor Cool Grey marker. I covered the base of the flower pot and the sentiment panel with perfect pearls, which makes it sooooo sparkly. The hardware could technically fall under unused or unloved embellishments since I never(ok, hardly ever) use those little holder thingies(their name escapes me), and I never use this color of hardware. I have a special person I am sending this too, as soon as I can get some stuff together to send with it, she soooo deserves!! Thanks for looking and have a great day!!
stamps-Bloomin Beautiful and Warm Words
paper-Basic Gray, Groovy Guava, Purely Pomegranate, Very Vanilla
ink-Black Stazon, Groovy Guava, and Purely Pomegranate
tools-aquapainter, crystal effects, perfect pearls, dew drops, Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware, Prismacolor Cool Grey marker, Pomegranate satin ribbon