Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Creative Chat

Hey everyone, and welcome!!

It's time for the MFT Creative Chat. The My Favorite Things Design Team Creative Chat is a monthly feature, where we are challenged to explore our creative spaces and share valuable organizational methods, tools, and shopping strategies with you. You'll be able to peek into our creative spaces, ask questions, and share your own ideas in the MFT forum. This month, we were asked the following questions:

Show us your desk. How do you have things set up, and why?

What are your "go-to" tools? Tell us what you can't live without.

This is a picture heavy post, so settle in, and let's get to it!!

First of all, I would like to start by saying thank you to my fellow team mates for participating in the chat, today. There was a lot of back and forth about having to clean, and needing to be more organized, but really, I think that's the WHOLE point of this!! I mentioned how sorry you would all feel for me having SUCH a small space, but then Julie mentioned how NICE it would be for others to see that you CAN work with a small space, especially those who aren't lucky enough to HAVE their own space! I took that to heart, and have really gotten over my woes of not having my own stamp room for the time being.

I recently moved to a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, and we LITERALLY have my stamp space in the "dining" area of it. So much so, we had to get rid of the table. I now HAVE to clean up between EVERY card, and after I am done, as well. I was always pretty good about it, but now I have NO choice. You walk in the front door and my space is directly opposite it.

So the first picture shows my desk....a.k.a. a folding table that I bought at Wal-mart. I like having everything at arms reach, so it's actually kind of nice having such a small space. My supplies literally surround me, and there is no getting up, and having to look for things. I am forced to be VERY organized!! SO I guess that answers the why.....no let's get to the good part!!

As for my GO TO tools, well, there are lots!!

Copics...need them, love them, got to HAVE them! I have them arranged in a cabinet I bought on Overstock.com for $20. I remember Jodi alerting me to their existence, and location, but I don't Remember where SHE saw it. Unfortunately/Fortunately(mixed emotions here), I am about out of space and have had to combine color families. When I have a bigger space, and more money, I will upgrade, but for now...this works for me!! I have a mixture of both Ciao and Sketch...one day, I hope to have all Sketch, but for now, I am content!!

To help me match marker colors to paper colors, I use this Copic Color Chart, I downloaded and filled in with the colors I own...I'm almost there!!

And what are markers without STAMPS!! I have an old crate style CD holder sitting upright on my desk holding all the current releases for the companies I work for. I like putting them in CD cases, and labeling them for easy access.

For my workspace, I work directly on top of my Scor Pal. I bought the mat for it, and it is PERFECT for a sturdy work surface, although, I don't recommend stamping your images on it. They tend to bow a little, so you don't get a crisp image.

I just got a new paper cutter from Fiskars, purchased at Michael's. I LOVE the larger work surface on it!! My dream is to one day have a table top, guillotine style paper cutter, but until I have a larger work space, this is PERFECT!!

My newest toy is the Scor Buddy, and I am in LOVE!! I leave it on the shelf, with my Cuttlebug, and pull it down whenever I want to score something. Otherwise, I have to clean off my work mat, move the mat, score, blah blah blah. This way is MUCH easier, and creates a perfect fold.

Up next, my Cuttlebug. I dream of one day having a better die cutting machine, with a larger work surface, but for now, I will keep cranking away at my old and trusty Bug!! I picture my Xyron with it for a VERY specific reason....it's my secret weapon! Well, I am sure everyone else has probably figured it out, but I use that handy dandy little guy to turn my Border Die-namics into stickers....they stick SO much better this way!!

Pampered Chef
is the maker of my Tool Turn-a-bout, and I LOVE it. It holds ALL my favorite goodies...ruler, sander, adhesive remover, hand held punches, bone folder, MY PAPER PIERCER(lol), crystal effects, scissors, and SO much more. These are the tools I turn to EVERY day, so they are ESSENTIAL to have open, and ready to rock!

Without this basket, I would be LOST! It holds ALL the things I need the most: my Memento ink pads, my adhesives(TomBow, Glue Dots, Red Line Tape, and Dimensionals), spiral clips and my trusty silver brads, and my paper piercing mat and guide. LOVE THESE!!

These last two photos were of my jar of twine, and PTI buttons(just a small look at the 1000's of buttons I own), and my Ribbon Carousel! I am in LOVE with this carousel, and can't wait to get one of the eight post ones to put all my wooden spools on!!

And last but not least, and don't laugh, but I call these my head tools. The first: a notebook where I write down what I have to stamp, by day, for the entire month. It helps to keep me organized by showing me what day, what company, what sets, what time, etc., I am responsible for posting things. It has been a LIFE saver!! It is hand written, and I even draw in the sketches....so 1985 of me, I know!! LOL! The other photo, well, it's to keep my mind from getting too cluttered, and keep me calm....my iPod, and Excedrin Migraine. I suffer from some pretty awful headaches/migraines, and this medicine is the only OTC that works for me.

Well, that is it for me for now!! Thank you SO MUCH for sticking in there for the entire post....I know it was uncharacteristically long! Hugs, and have a great day!!

Visit Kim's Blog for a full list of designers that have taken up the challenge and get ready to delve into the minds of our creative team.


  1. Aw, Jessie! I love your little space! Once you own a new house, you'll look back at these pictures and wonder how you ever did it! After looking at your cards, I can't imagine that you sit at that little table and create them! Awesome job for being cramped! Love your white Pampered Chef Tool Turn About! I am SO ordering myself a few for my tools!

  2. This is the 2nd Pampered CHef Tool Turn About on the tour and I love this! Your space is perfection!

  3. I am so glad you decided to share your stamping space with us Jessie. Love that ribbon carousel, I so need to get my ribbons organised. Fun to know how you keep track of what you have to stamp too :)

  4. OHHH! I LOVE that you clean your desk area every time you make a card--I do too! I love a clean area to work on....I know you do it because of the space-but it's nice to know I'm not the only one:)

    LOVE all your tools and copics....I wish I lived closer--I would totally visit and craft with you (that's if you would allow me!!!).

    As for your Head Tools--I have those too! I live by Excedrin--although, it's not really working lately. So I might have to figure something else out. LOVE that you write stuff down in a calendar/notebook too. I rewrite mine each week (even though I have it written out for the month--I just like to collect my thoughts on it! LOL!).

    Thanks for sharing everything!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. I really like your space, everything has it's place and it looks like somewhere I'd just love to sit and create!

  6. Jessie,
    My space is a tiny bit bigger than yours, but you are SOOOooo much more organized than I am!! I am looking at my table right now, and thinking I really need to do something about it. It is in a most public area of my house, and with Christmas coming, I need to clean it up!! Thank you for sharing your ideas for a small space. I am inspired!!

  7. ps Do you have a large CD file for all of the stamp sets you are not currently working with?

  8. Love your area! I have a little scrap room but it's not where I want it yet. I have a lot of the same must haves as you. I don't have a ribbon carousel but it's on my list. Does the ribbon unroll and make a mess? I'm like you, I clean up just about every time. I hate sitting down to a mess.

    Your cards are amazing!

  9. Jessie, love that you are so organized and create such gorgeous cards in such a small space!!! Someday I will have to downsize to give my room to one of my boys, I think, so this is very inspirational :). Love to see all your tools, too!

  10. Fabby organization girlie! I "think" the Copic storage is called a Magpie...right? LOL! You have an AWESOME space!!!

  11. You have a great space Jessie! Truly.

  12. Jessie I'm impressed with how you make that little space work! I had a tiny space before & you really have to keep yourself organized!!

  13. Jessie - I truly LOVE your space. What a beautiful use you've made of the space you have to work with. Bravo!! I love how super organized you are!

    Crafty Hugs!


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