Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Happy New Year Review!!

Happy New Year to YOU!! I hope that this year is everything you want it to be, and more!!

I see people doing this every year, and I LOVE the idea, but never take the time to do, now's a good time to start, right?!! Here are my favorite creations for each month of the 2010!! Enjoy!!

January 2010

February 2010

March 2010

April 2010

May 2010

June 2010

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

Ok, WOW. That was REALLY hard!! I had so many favorites....yaaay me! LOL!! I also became VERY aware of how NECESSARY my new Forgotten Stamp Friday challenge is....I barely EVER use stamps if they aren't for my DT's, not that I don't LOVE them, but I have a TON of other stamps, so this will be good for me!!
Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all a VERY Happy New Year!!


  1. Jess- what an awesome walk down memory lane!!! Cant wait to see you!!!

  2. They are ALL gorgeous! I have no idea how you got it to only 12 cards! LOL!

  3. These are all so fabulous! Love them all.


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