Sunday, July 25, 2010

TESC121 Happy Birthday....RAWR!!

I haven't had a chance to play with one of my favorite My Favorite Things stamps for awhile, so I decided to get him out and have a little fun today!!
I used the super cute Little Loveosaurus set from MFT for my card today. My sketch is a past Taylored Expressions sketch, but I LOVE it!! So that it would be ready to send, and so that I could use the RAWR stamp...I had to go ahead and finish the inside. I LOVE doing that fun!!

I have a tiny confession to make, and it is going to make me sound like a total DA, but I am sharing it anyway!! I have used this stamp several times, more with my BF's children, than anything, but still, I have stamped it DOZENS of times. I was blurfing the other day, and went to one of my favorite blogs, Flutter by Atomicbutterfly aka Kelly Lunceford. She made the CUTEST card with this set, and mentioned how cute it was with the little face peering out of the mouth....say what? I swear to you...I had no clue there was a face in there. When I went back to look, and I saw that there really was.....I was dumbfounded. How on earth did I miss THAT?? Told you, I'm a dork!! LMAO!!
Well, that's quite enough of embarrassing myself for one day!!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!


  1. jessie, I love him, and the colors!

  2. Very adorable, I especially love the inside detail of the card!

  3. That's a very cute little dinosaur & great colors on the card ... Love your little story about the face inside & I see that you even colored the face too ... Sounds like something I would do ...
    Love the inside too.
    Hugs, Janie

  4. I have a girlfriend who did the exact same thing!!! I think she thought it was the tongue! Hey, we all are dorks sooner are later...hell, I am sure I do it weekly! Love the colours you used on this and that plaid dp is perfect! Good to hear you are getting lots of 'exercise'!!!

  5. Wonderful card, so funny and so cute!
    Hugs Jacqueline

  6. Ha! You crack me up...sounds like something I would do! LOL!!! Great card, by the way!

  7. That is SO adorable... but really... you didn't see the face? LMAO Silly girl. :)

  8. LOL, sounds like something I'd do. :)

    I can see why you love the sketch so much. It's a good one!! Awesome card inside and out!

  9. It never matters your theme Jes, the colors and layouts are always fantastic. I so enjoy your blog.


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