Thursday, April 2, 2009


By Silke Ledlow

By Jessica Knutsen

by Carolina Buchting

By Carole Burrage

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes dilated....ya, no stamping for me, lol!! I really needed to get some stuff done tonight, but I just can't see all that well still, so I am going to show you part of the MASSIVE amount of RAK's I have received over the last few weeks. During my difficult time right now, I really NEEDED the support and love that all my friends from the stamping world have shown. I have been SHOWERED with gifts and card full of love and kind words. To each and everyone of you, you have NO IDEA what that means to me. You truly make me proud to call myself a stamper. I promise to share more later about the situation...promise!


  1. beautiful cards!! hope your eyes are better now.

  2. How funny - I had my eye exame's definitely a funky feeling having your eyes dialted - LOL!!!

    So happy to see you received the card and look at all the other fab cards - you know we love ya!!! Big hugs ~S~

  3. What gorgeous cards! It's so sweet of your stamping friends to send you such treasures.
    Hope your eyes are better soon.

  4. Well you know we love you...hang in there! HUGE hugs!!!

  5. Gorgeous RAKs girl - hope your eyes are doing better! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  6. Nice to know you are loved hey! This card world we live in is amazing and the support is so strong! Good to see you are back and hope things are getting better!


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