Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tag You're It!

I got tagged by my SCS and blogging buddy Chat aka nitestamper, to list 7 random or unknown facts about myself, so I definitely wanted to play!!

1. I am scared to death to climb ladders. I don't know what it is, but I am terrified of them!!

2. I started working when I was 14yrs(almost 15), and worked up until the summer before my 29th birthday. For that entire time, I held at least one job, sometimes two, and at one point three. So when people ask me why I don't work now I tell them, besides the obvious reason(I don't have to), I need a break!!

3. I was an honor roll student all throughout high school and college, but dropped out to be a Nanny for a Dr. and her husband. I worked and lived with them for 5 yrs. Sometimes I wish I had finished school, since I can't really get a good job without a college degree, but I wouldn't give up one day with the girls I used to take care of. I haven't been their nanny for almost 4yrs now, and not a day goes by that I don't miss them!!

4. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since we got married 31/2 years ago. We both have infertility issues that are working against each other, so we have to have a lot of help. I refuse to give up though,!! Being a mom is the only thing I ever really wanted to be.

5. I cry A LOT!! I cry at movies, commercials, TV shows,(my #4 made me cry)comments people leave me, songs, you name it. I can cry on demand and it drives my husband bananas!

6. I hate to wear jewelry. In fact, I have to force myself to wear my wedding rings.

7. Last but not least(and by far the most embarrassing), up until about 3yrs(rough estimate)I couldn't tell my right from my left without thinking about it. I would have to hold up both hands in front of my face to be able to see which one was which. Can we say LOSER!!! Now isn't that the saddest thing!!! I was on the math team in high school and only had 1 B my entire high school career!! I was in the honor society for both hs and college, and still had to think about right and left. My family and friends finally gave up on me and started pointing instead of saying right from left. You know what they say though, sometimes people who are book smart have no street smarts!!

Well thanks for reading this!! I want to tag people, but I don't want to force anyone, so I am going to put your names here, but I am not gonna make you do it, OK!!
Linsey-Outside the Lines
Lee-My Reality, it's all good!!
Lesa- Punkydoodle Papers
Carolina-Carolina's Creative Pad
and anyone else who wants to play!! If you choose to, send me a link to your post, so I can get to know you all better too!! Now, I really need to go to bed!!


  1. Ooh, now we know everything, hehe! I am so lucky to be tagged twice, so I'll combine them...nobody needs to know 14 facts about anyone--can we say TMI! You're the sweetest, gf! Keep trying for that baby...I believe you will be the most tremendously amazing mommy and you deserve such happiness too! hugs and have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Wow Jessie, it was so nice to get to know you a little more through these fun facts! If it makes you feel any better, I can cry on command too! LOL (and my DH laughs at me - cause he thinks its cute). Being a Mom is also the only thing I ever wanted to do too and I'v ended up with 4 boys so don't give up - you'll be great Mom when that little one shows up!!

  3. Good luck with the Mommy stuff! I've had my share of bad luck in that area (2 miscarriages, 2 preemies -- 1 who ended up w/CP -- not that HE's bad luck; he's my sunshine, but CP itself stinks...) (don't cry! ;) ) but when you get there -- and YOU WILL -- you're going to be amazing. I can feel it in my bones!

    PS -- I hate jewelery, too! I wear the same pair of earrings (never take 'em out), the same two rings, and my watch. That's it! If anything else is added, that means I'm 'dressing up!'

  4. Awww Jessie!!! I just knew you were a sensitive soul!!! I almost cried for you on #4 myself!! You were meant to be a mama, and somehow I just know that dream will come true!!! I never went to college, but Nannied until I got married!! However, I was definitely NOT on the honor roll or math team......let's leave at that, shall we??? ROFLMBO

    So great to get to know you a little better!! I'll put my 7 facts up later tonite!! HUGS!!!!

  5. Laura (scrapnextras)March 16, 2008 at 3:16 PM

    Totally cute..both of them!

    I had a difficult time with left right too! So my dad said use directions..north south. That made so much sense to me, but when I turn north on Gaetz Ave, everyone else gets confused, so I guess I had better get it right or is that left...I'm just so punny!

  6. Wow - Jessie, thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. You are an amazing woman and have such a wonderful soul...I just know that your dream to be a mom will come true and when it does, that baby will be blessed to have you as a mom!

    I was tagged twice, so I'll combine them becasue 1, not sure I'm that interesting and 2, really, don't think people want to know 14 things about me - LOL!

    Anyway, hope you're gettting some rest today. Hugs!

  7. I was actually oming to tag you! boy these tags get aorund fast! but quickly:
    I'm a cryer too
    i was a nanny too!
    I failed out of college(you'll read about it in my tag post)
    God has a plan for your family (and you and your husband are one already), prayers you can have children someday
    Right and left: it can be confusing! Maybe tattoo a little R and L on the corresponding hands???(get an artist to help with that!) ;)

  8. Loved this post....we are pretty similar...except for the whole Right Left thing. I was ROTFL with that! ;) Took me & dh a while to get preggers...its all worth it in the end (hang in there!). I cry so easily too...I hate it really. Damn hormones! TFS! You're FANTASTIC!


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