Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

My nieces have been here since Friday afternoon and I am exhausted. Between running them around, chasing after them, doing all the fun Easter stuff, and learning of my sister's AMAZING news, I am too tired to even stamp, and let me tell you, that takes a lot. I am so bummed too because today's featured stamper over on SCS is one of my FAVORITE stampers Amy Sheffer, or Pickletree on SCS. I can't wait for tomorrow to get to case her, but first I will have to figure out how the heck I am ever gonna get my house clean again!! Since I don't have anything new to show you, I thought I would share two of the Easter cards I got in the mail . The first is from my pal Lavon. Isn't it so cute!!! The second is from my friend Judy(Judluvstostamp). Love the scoring on this one, I sooooooooo need a scorpal!!! Thanks and I hope you had a Hoppy and Blessed Easter, pun intended!!!

BTW Thank you to all of you for the prayers and well wishes, they mean so much to me. Each comment I read made me happier and happier and more positive about my situation. God Bless you all!!!


  1. Wow, I really like how you made the shell out of designer paper...very clever. Joan

  2. Oooo.....wonderfully beautiful and adorable cards you got!!! And I'm so glad you had a fun (although crazy!!) weekend!! I just took the weekend off from stamping to spend time with dh and kids....played games, watched movies.......but I'll be stampin' again tomorrow!!!! LOL

  3. Ah yes, the energy of kids (wish I could put an IV in my body and sap some of that energy!!) and their amazing ability to put things out of their place and cut into one's stamping time...know it all too well :) But you just gotta love their take on life.

    LOVE the scoring on the one card. Have seen that done on SCS and am going to have to do it on a card as it makes such an amazing BG!!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet and know that despite the mess they made, I'm sure they are telling wonderful stories about their time with you :)

  4. These cards are too wonderful! And, I just read the post about your sister! Wooohooo! You'll be next! Just wait and see!

    Hugs & Stamps!

  5. Laura (scrapnextras)March 25, 2008 at 8:16 PM

    These are so cute! How lucky to be the recipient of these beauties!

    OK, and what's with the length of the verification "word"'s like 13 letters long. Scheesh!


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