Thursday, March 13, 2008


I learned a valueable lesson today- do not mess with things you do not understand. Case in Point, my camera. You see, it all started the other day when I took a picture of me and my dh. It was one of those ones where you hold the camera out as faaaaaaaaarrrrrrr as your arms can reach and put your heads really close together. It was the first time that we had both been cleaned up in a long time, and I wanted to post a picture of us so everyone could see my wonderful man. When I went to download it, the file size was HUGE!! I don't have a professional photo shop program(something I do need to purchase along with a computer that doesn't suck), so there wasn't a whole lot I could do with the picture to resize it. I used to have a program that worked, but ever since my computer freaked out, I haven't been able to get it to work, and rather than fix the old one, I am just going to get a new one, I just haven't got that far yet. Anyway, I started messing around on my camera and going through all the menu options. I found an option that said image size, hmmmmmm, so, I clicked on it, and saw that I was using the largest image possible. Soooooooo, I scrolled down and picked the smallest image, it asked me if I was sure and I thought, well ya, I clicked it didn't I??? Oh boy, I wasn't sure at all, let me tell you!!! It deleted my ENTIRE memory card!! The whole thing!!! I am so MAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!! I had pictures from my nieces birthday on there that I hadn't developed, pictures of my puppy, my friend's daughters birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, you name it. Yes I know, I should have had them developed a long time ago, but who knew!! Let me just say, lesson learned. So anyway, for the next couple of days, I am going to be messing with the settings, trying to get it the way I want it. What can I hurt now, I already deleted everything right??

My card today is for the Ways To Use It challenge over on SCS, which was to use no white or vanilla, and only one solid cardstock for the base. Basically, you have to use DP on every layer, even to stamp on. I have to admit, the challenge kind of overwhelmed me, so I struggled for a few minutes, and then it came to me-RUB ONS!!! These things are super fabulous, and free with a $50 purchase from now until the 17th, so if you haven't got any yet, call me, call your demo, email me, email your demo, just get some, they are worth their weight in gold,IMHO. I started with a Pretty in Pink Base and sponged the edges with Regal Rose and Chocolate Chip. All of the paper is from the Basic Grey Two Scoops collection. I will be honest and say that when I get a DP and the back side is a solid and not another pattern, I hate it, but It really came in handy today!! I used the Rub-ons for the butterflies and the sentiment, which is a little hard to see in photo but it says "A small thing done in great Love is a great thing", pretty right!! I rubbed the butterflies on to the paper and trimmed around them. Put some white brads in a lot of the corners, and made that pretty bow(attached with a pop dot) and it was done. Any questions? If so, just ask, I always try to answer, emphasis on the word try. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!!
ink-Regal Rose and Chocolate Chip
paper-Pretty in Pink and Basic Grey Two Scoops
tools-white brads, pink organdy, and rub ons


  1. Awww Jessie.........I'm so sorry!!! How totally UNcool for it not to have a prompt about deleting!!! This challenge does look fun!!! And Two Scoops is perfect with the solid sides of the dp......I was thinking I'd use Basic Grey too!! Of course, I'm addicted to the stuff!!! I love those rub ons and getting so jealous as I have to wait to put my order in until March 30!!! Bummer!!! I love those!!! Wonderful always!! I hope you get your camera figured out and get your new computer soon?? Hugs!!

  2. Did you know you can get your pictures back off that memory card - as long as you don't take more pictures and write over what was there! There are tons of utilities on the web for this. Here's one you can try, but there are lots more.
    And if you want to resize your pictures, if you are using XP, Microsoft has a great utility that adds a menu item to your left-click menu called "Resize Pictures". The tools is called Image Resizer and you can find is as part of the MS Powertoys here:
    I hope I was a little help today! I hate to loose stuff myself.

    Good luck with your camera!

  3. Hmmm, the MS Powertoys link is too long in my previous post. Try this:
    (you will need to copy and paste both parts of the link in the address bar)
    On this page is a listing of all the Powertoys. Select the one for the Image resizer.

    Best of luck!

  4. Stopping by to visit your blog. To me, your work really stands out and is so beautiful. You do such a nice job...


  5. sorry to hear about your pictures! I download mine everyday...I have to when I take a pic of my cards. I guess I better back up my PC.

    Anyway, love your card! The PP is awesome, and the rub on is genius!

  6. Soooo sorry hon! Can't believe this happened to you, I feel so bad. I swear technology, you can live with it and you can't live without it!

    Your card is adorable! The rub-ons look awesome on dp and love that pink ribbon! Hope your day gets better!

  7. This is a wonderful card...I love the brads. Sorry to hear about your camera mishap. Joan

  8. Jessie, this is absolutely wonderful. Really great job with the challenge, girl!

  9. OH, I meant to say I am soooo sorry about your pic. I lost some from my hard drive over a year ago and am still sick about it:(

  10. OMG, Jessie, that sucks, big time! Oh, I feel for you, girl! Man! Well, you managed to make a stunning card, despite that terrible's really fantastic, as is all your work. I'm really sorry, Jessie. Hope you can figure out a way to maybe get them back, I see some suggestions on your comments, although I don't have a clue about it :( hugs!

  11. Oh sweetie - I hate that! But I hope Sandra's links worked out and you found a solution! Card is way cool as usual!

  12. Oh man, that so STINKS about your camera!!! I gasped when I read about it!! Hope you have it all figured out now! Great Card BTW! I got some of those rub-ons but haven't used them yet!!


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